The Art of HUMAN connection

For People Dealing With People

UsE What You Are to Create Good Vibes.


Create Good Vibes in Audiences

Shows Beyond Words for Audiences on the Workplace and Their Family

Re-Empower Humanity Within people

Workshops for people on the workplace

Inspiring The Human Within


All Human Communication is About Connection

When you feel good,

you make People Feel Good.

That makes you feel better which makes people feel better.

That creates a better togetherness.


In Short:



“People Will Forget What You Said,
People Will Forget What You Did,
But People Will Never Forget How You Made Them Feel”

Maya Angelou


Leader of Hearts 

The Art Of Making People Feel Good

Managing Yourself Under Pressure And Creating Good Vibes During Tough Times. Using What You Are to Create Good Vibes.

Learning Objectives:

  • The importance of managing oneself has impact on others
  • How to create good vibes in your envirronment
  • The key that leverages any human communication and how to apply it
  • How to change relationships without manipulation and intenting changing the people
  • Feel more confident in any relationship and especially when speaking in front of an audience
  • Connect with others beyond words
  • Practical principles without having to learn any new skill that you do not already have in order to create good vibes and making people feel good



Creating “Heart” Connection With Your Customers

85% of any decision is made subconsciously… Without emotion, there is no decision! Now, imagine the leverage you would have if you were able to tap into those of emotions when you sell. 

Learning Objectives:

  • How to create good vibes with your customers without manipulation
  • How to change customers relationships in a bit
  • How to relief yourself from the stress of “selling”
  • How to leverage the impact of your sales conversations
  • The magic beyond words

Clown Yourself

A More Human Version of You

Authenticity to Connect, Feel better and Create Good Vibes Around You.

Learning Objectives:

  • How to be true without having found Your Voice
  • How to be yourself without knowing who you are
  • Authenticity in your relationships and public speaking
  • How to be likeable
  • How to convert your weaknesses into strength
  • Look ridicoulous vs feeling / how to feel great when looking ridiculous
  • How to be joyful contagious
  • How to Get confident
  • How to please being authentic


Michaël Gueulette

Despite speaking 6 languages daily, Michael chose to perform on worldwide stages and build a success carreer without speaking any word.

He did not limit his challenge without speaking, he also decide to perform without any technical demonstration, without (almost) any materials and without being rude to his audience…this experience has pushed him to explore essential skills in communication.

Now, Michael has decided it was time to speak and share his unique experience and the valuable lessons he has been learning performing for festivals, theaters, cruiseship, hospital, street, and TV to empower people to lead and communicate more effectively.

Inspired by the old traditions throughout the world of clowns and magic, Michaël has crafted his art as a visual clown called “Gromic. His shows of visual comedy win the hearts of his spectators and cross over the barriers of language and age.

Dedicated to contributing to the improvement “live” art, Michael contributes to the Masters of Cultural Management program at the Universidad de Girona (Spain). There, he shares his experiences as a professional performer and provides practical solutions for those destined for cultural management professions.

Michaels admits that one of his dreams is to reconcile the public with the art of the clown and has created programs such as “” in order to help thousands of talented people worldwide to develop quality performances and grow smiles with more awareness and value

Committed to his mission to remind the beauty of the human experience and grow smiles in the hearts of his spectators, now Michael Gueulette helps leaders and team members to boost their presence on stage.